Friday, November 16, 2012

4 weeks to a more organized home

So I have slacked on the daily challenges but have gotten ALOT done in my house the past week! Last weekend I went throught the kids rooms and cleaned and organized, getting rid of so much stuff! My fan was cleaned, bathroom scrubbed, couch cushions vacummed and shampooed and all carpet shampooed. WooHoo! And today I worked on the medicine/spice cupboard:

Tonight is cousin night at our house and I am super excited! Itll be nice to have everything clean for company.

And here is Kiera rockn the 50's look today to celebrate 50 days of kindergarten

She wasnt to excited about participating but I think she'll be glad she did.
And heres my buddy that I get to hang out with all day weds and Fri, just the two of us.
 He is sporting his new "camera" smile. He is such a seet heart, giving me lots of sweet hugs today. I am really trying to focus on this time with him and cherish it! Love this boy!

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