Wednesday, November 7, 2012

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home: Day 3

Todays challenge was the bedroom; making the bed and cleaning, and the freezer. My room was totaly wiped out today and it worked great that I was able to get an early start on it since it took a litte time. Our room is so often the catch all that its always messy. Not the retreat/reaxing feel we're going for ;)

Our bedroom before:



My freezer wasnt too bad, I had recently cleaned it out, so i just straightned it up a little. All in all I got alot done today but felt like there was still so much more as I put the kids to bed tonight. Oh well. I had lots of fun with my boy today when sisters were at school. I definatey dont wanna be so busy that I miss out. ;)
Th house feels good tonight and I hope that I've been a blessing my family by making our home clean, comfortable, and inviting,

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