Sunday, November 4, 2012

Big Moments

     We had a packed day yesterday, and some big moments for our girls. Natalie had a soccer game at 10 and one at 1 and Kiera had a birthday party at 2. Derek worked and was only able to make the 10 o'clock game, so I needed help from my parents with getting Kiera to her party since the game wouldn't be over. Kiera was invited to the party for a girl in her class. She really wanted to go and tried to be good all week. I didnt want to tell her no because so much of our time has been devoted to soccer and I wanted her to know she important too. I planned on having my parents take her but when it came time, she really wanted me too.She threw a huge fit right before the second game started because she didnt want to stop playing at the play ground. After a time out in the car and sitting quietly by mom, I decided to take her to the party. She needed that one on one time with me and was excited to go.
     Shortly after I left, Natalie scored her first goal of the season, her first goal ever. I was sorry that Derek and I both missed it but so happy and so proud of her. She has come so far this season and has really enjoyed playing. Her coach was also very proud of her and said so at their pizza party. After the pizza party, the whole team stayed the night at the coachs daughters house. It was Natalie's first "slumber party" Her first over night stay with anyone who wasnt a cousin or a grandparent and she had a great time!

Kiera had a great time at the party. I think it was good for her to do her own thing. Kiera and Jackson stayed the night with my parents so Derek and I were able to go out to dinner and a movie and do a little Christmas shopping. Besides Derek not feeling 100%, we had a great time :)

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