Friday, August 24, 2012

Gazelle Intensity

We recently sold our car. We were able to pay our loan off, a credit card off and put some money towards a medical bill. I read Dave Ramsey's Total Money Make Over for the second time recently. I am sooo excited to dump our debt! We were going good, until spring when our explorer had problems....and our emergency fund wasnt complete(baby step 1)....and we had to put some on a credit cared, ugh! Then, with school out for summer, our daycare expenses have been much higher. I am hoping the jump start of selling our car will spur us on! I have been working on our budget and am very encouarged by how things are looking! My long term goal is to be debt free (except our home) so that I can quit my part time job and fully devote myself to our home. With Gods guidance, I feel this is something we CAN achieve!

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